Scanner with E-mail Button, does not operate properly with eM client. Any solution?Please advice.Thanks



can you please be more specific what you are trying to achieve? Step by step description of your issue would be perfect.


Hi, i’m using canon scanner (LiDe 110) for scan documents , This scanner come with an E-mail button. This button for scan document and will directly open an e-mail software program to attach the document.


Kindly refer link as below for reference.… 4: To use the E-MAIL button, install any of the following programs

then could you try to use email button in some other software? If that will work then issue would lie in your scanner.

Can you also check your default programs if eM Client is set as default for everything there?


Thanks for advice.

our of curiosity, did it helped? Were you able to resolve this?


Yes,problem solved. Set the eM Client as default programs.

Ok, thank you for this information.


I had the same problem (Scanning with e-mail-button) with eM Client as the standard e-mail program. But I have a Brother scanner (DCP-1510).
The solution above did not work for me with Win7-Pro 32Bit (without any MS Office or any other e-mail program than eM Client).
Then I installed temporary the Thunderbird to change the standard e-mail-program to TB. Now it did work with TB to scan with the “e-mail-button” !
Then I de-installed the TB and changed the standard e-mail programm again back to eM Client and now it did work with eM Client !!!
So there must be an issue at the installation of eM Client because after TB-installtion anything was ok (maybe some settings in Windows are missing) …

Pius (from Switzerland)

Hi, glad it works. I don’t believe this is an issue with eM Client. There might have been something with the setup of default email client.

If you have any more issue with eM client, check back with us.

Thank you,