scan to email

I am using an HP MFP 225dn all in one printer and when I try to scan a document directly into an email, I receive the following error.  The HP Scan application cannot find an email application installed on the computer. Please ensure your email application is installed and properly configured. Note: Internet-based email accounts are not supported.
This same printer will scan directly to email if we use Outlook 2007. When I quizzed HP about this problem, they indicated that we needed to talk to the makers of the email client. But we had the same problem when we tried to use this same printer with the email client “Postbox”.
The printer is fairly new so we would prefer not having to purchase a newer printer and maybe encounter the same problem.

Hey Ben,

Please ensure eM Client is set as the default e-mail app in Windows and see if this alleviates your issues. In any case though, eM Client supports all standard MAPI commands, so if what I wrote doesn’t help, the issue is with HP’s software itself, not eM Client.