saving sent mail

I was prompted to upgrade my emClient, and now my sent messages aren’t being saved.  Can anyone please help. Thanks

Go to menu/tools/settings/mail/send and check “Save copy of sent message in “Sent” folder”.

Hello Monique,
check the Send settings as Jay above mentiones; if the option is checked, please tell me what mail account does the issue happen with.


I have the same problem.   All my sent emails don’t get saved.  They do get saved briefly but are gone shortly thereafter.  I use eM Client for my Verizon email  account.  Any help would be appreciated - thank you!!

BTW I forgot to mention that I tried the steps you mentioned previously and the box is CHECKED to save.

I’m having this same issue again now.  And as Jay said, I’ve checked Settings and everything is checked.

Hi Olivia, my account is  EM Client we pay $10 per month.