Saving replies in the same folder as the email I am replying to

Is there a way to save replies in the same folder as the email I am replying to? Currently, all sent email can be saved in Sent folder but (at least to my knowledge) not in the same folder as the original.

Funny… I just posted a request to have this feature added.…

I couldn’t find that option either after going through every setting that I could find.

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Hi, this is unfortunately not possible, we’re considering adding a “conversation view” to future releases as there’s been several user requests to do so.
We’re not sure when the feature will be implemented whether it will be in future releases of version 6 or in future versions.

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This is really important to me too, I have a bunch of folders to manage my emails and don’t want replies to emails I moved there, and then replied to, to all go to Sent, and have to be moved back so that I can see everything in the right folder!

Hi Dan,
I’m sure this issue will be solved using the Conversation view that is implemented in version 7.…

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Not as far as I can see. Without this basic functionality of seeing all emails to/from  client in the same folder I for one cannot implement this email client, much as I would like to.
Only clients I have found in 2016 that do this are outlook (loses Gmail emails continually, known buggy with Gmail) and Thunderbird (continually crashes when lots of Gmail folders are defined). Unbelievable. 

@Stephen, I agree.

The problem is that this issue is not resolved with Conversation view. With that, it pulls messages from all different folders. This includes emails that are in the Sent Mail folder. For those that like to organize their mail and keep everything together, the logical thing to do is to keep sent mail in folders where the received mail is too.

I use eM Client as it is really the only mail client that works with all my services and does the best job, but having to move sent mail all the time is annoying.

And the fact that Outlook has had this ability for years makes me wonder why eM Client cannot do it,

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…currently trialling Claws which does it.

I’ve read that conversations on emClient are “intelligent,” but I deal with the same person on multiple issues, and issues are kept in folders. For example, event management. I have a folder for the event and deal with the same [multiple] people on multiple events. Conversations tends to grab all emails from a person, or on a given subject, which makes seeing the chronology of emails from a variety of people difficult.

I too am surprised emClient can’t do this. It appears unable to do it even now, five long years after this feature was requested. Conversation view doesn’t address this issue - relying on it just makes mailboxes unmanageable. I’d like replies to be saved in the same folder as the message I’m replying to.