Saving message in emclient

Yesterday emclient stopped working. It constantly asked for a password. After a long period of time I got fed up with doing this so I removed the program and then tried to upload the program again. My computer wouldn’t allow this without removing the database too, so I ended up losing a load of emails and contacts that I wanted to hold on to (losing the contacts was the worst bit). emclient successfully uploaded but now when I remove emails from my virgin media server they disappear from emclient too. I suspect this is happening because it is not using POP3. How do I get POP3? Do I have to remove the program again? If so how do I get it back as POP3 and do I have to lose my database again

Panic over. I managed to use the back up to get stuff back from a week ago, Not only that but it gave me POP3 again.

No matter what sort of account you have, to avoid issues in the future like you had, use the built-in eM Client backup regularly which you can then restore everything exactly how it was.

You can either setup “automatic periodic backups” via the “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” screen to keep eg: Up to the last 5 backups daily, weekly, monthly on whatever interval you like. I personally set mine to automatically backup everyday and keep the last 3 backups.

Or you can manually backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” whenever you like.

Either way you do it, your will find in your Profile Documents / eM Client folder dated files created after each automatic or manual backup. Best to also copy those to an external drive for safe keeping as well just in case anything happens to your internal hard disk.

Either way the backup creates an exact snapshot of eM Client, which you can then easily restore via “Menu / File / Restore” if something goes wrong.

Note:- Sometimes when you randomly get a password prompt in a mail client and you haven’t changed anything your end, that can sometimes just be eg: the “Mail Server” remote mailbox which could be offline or has a problem with it. So always check too with your mail server tech support incase its offline.

Also check too that you can login to your mailbox webmail screen as well. That’s another good test if the remote mailbox is actually working or not. If you carn’t contact your mailbox technical support.