Saving local storage folders to a shared network drive for use on other computers

I was wondering if it is possible to change the local storage folders filepath to a “shared” folder in windows 10 so that accessing em client from multiple machines (same account) would result in synchronized folders?

My dad saves a lot of his POP3 e-mails locally in a complex folder structure in windows live mail.  I know that em client has this same functionality. If we were to move that saved folder location to a shared folder, would another em client on his laptop (same account) be able to read from that same storage folder and save additional e-mails to the folders and vice versa?  Or is the only way to match the folders between the two machines to make periodic backups/imports?

You can locate the database on a server, but accessing it over a network is extremely slow.  It is not possible to use it with cloud storage, or any type of synced file storage. You will also only be able to access the database by one eM Client application at a time, and this database is only readable by eM Client.

If you want to try that, close eM Client and move the database directory to the new location. You will find the database at C:\Users_[username]_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You need to move the complete \eM Client\ folder and it’s contents. Once that is done, open eM Client ignoring any setup wizards, then go to Menu Tools > Settings > General > Storage, and select the new location where you moved the database. Once you have changed the location, restart eM Client.

A backup and restore completely replaces the existing database, so whatever is changed on the computer will be overwritten with the restore. It cannot be used to combine the message store from two computers.

A better solution would be to setup the account as IMAP, then it will be synced between however many computers and different email clients you wish to use. That is the purpose of IMAP.