Saving contacts to multiple gmail accounts

The situation is I have a lon-term private gmail account I’ve used for all contacts for many years. This works.
However, I want to separate my private contacts from my work contacts. I have second gmail account for my business (which will be sold one day) - the client details should be in this separate account.
I want to sync the two contact lists to my android phone.

Ideally, I want to save a contact to two different gmail contact lists. I know that one must be the master version. Is this possible? The question apples to gmail accounts in general and then if it is possible can emclient work this way.

If you have the private contacts in one account, and the business contacts in another account, just add both accounts to eM Client.

That way whatever you see in eM Client, you will also see on any other device where you have either or both of the same accounts.