Saving contacts sent by email creates duplicate contacts when saving updated contacts.

Duplicate contacts when saving sent contacts

i have an issue i have multiple computers in an office environment with client contacts that are shared.  well when one of us updates a contact we mail out the updated contact after saving it by email  once another user save that contact instead of updating or over riding that contact it creates a duplicate contact with the update  so we have been having to delete the old contact before saving the updated contact.
how do i tell the system to update or over wright the preexisting contact outlook used to do this  we transfer to this program to avoid paying 600 a year for 5 computers so fir i like the program.

I think that mailing the contact to the other users is a waste of time. All you need to do is setup your contacts on a server, and sync that account to the 5 computers. Then if a user on computer 1 updates a contact, it will automatically be updated on the other 4 computers. No duplicates!