Saving attachments in a separate folder - missing option

I want eM Client to automatically save ALL attachments in a separate folder, and keep them there, even if I delete the original email message.

I have earlier been told, this would be implemented in ver. 6. Today, it has however been confirmed, it will NOT.

These are bad news. Even old Eudora could offer this option as no fuzz standard - So why not eM Client?

I am very sorry but we had to prioritize our tasks and we decided to not implement this feature into the version 6.

Has this been implemented yet?

From having a look at the program over the last few days it appears not, but hoping I’m wrong and have missed something?

We’re trying to move from Eudora and this is a feature our business really needs.

This feature, and some others that I am still missing after leaving Eudora, is NOT implemented, yet. Everytime I ask staff directly, they tell me something like “not at the time, but maybe next update” - but it never happens, there has been several minor updates since first time of asking. If this is not possible to implement, why don’t they say so?

It appears not, I’m afraid.

Hi Bjørn,
we’re currently working on an upcoming version of eM Client, however please note all requested features are carefully considered for implementation. A large user feedback or more requests for this feature helps the feature to move in the list of features considered for implementation.

Thank you for understanding,

Well, well… here we go again … just what I am telling you all, never any estimates. If eMC want to be the best in it’s Field, why can’t this very BASIC function be implemented! How many customers have to complain and how long must they wait before it’s done?

Look - an Attachment ist just what it says - it’s ATTACHED to an email, NOT a part of it.

Every email related attachment should *of course* be placed in a separate folder when checking for new mail. This way, they will not be deleted when the email is thrashed.

Really, isn’t too hard to understand, is it?

Hi Bjørn, thank you for your constructive criticism, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.

Best regards,

Yeah … the phrase "consider adding the feature to future releases " says really nothing at all. Heard this repeatedly the past few years now.

People who need this very basic feature will have to look elsewhere. Sorry Paul!

I’m sorry you feel that way Bjørn, if you ever come across any other questions, issues or ideas regarding eM Client, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

I think you may have missed my point completely. I give in on this. You win.