saving attached files

  1. the process of saving attached files takes a long time (saves files slowly), even if the size is small.
  2. during the save process, it is not possible to use mail until the file is downloaded.
  3. it is not possible to transfer a file or files from mail directly to Whatsapp on a desktop computer (this function works in the Thunderbird app)
  4. from time to time, files are saved or opened without defining the file extension (excel, word, pdf)

in this case, such a problem I have on mail

Hi, Yes if you are using an IMAP account setup, EM Client can take a while to open and save files depending on whether the email file attachment has been cached locally.  You can tell if the email has been locally cache by eg: Hover your mouse over the attachment and you should then see a thumbnail of the attachment. If you don’t then its still remotely reading the email. Once locally cached it will normally open & save much faster.

Also can depend on your Internet d/l speed as well. Pop account setups on the other hand fully download the email locally to your mail client so usually way faster. I prefer IMAP though.

As far as i’m aware of you cannot drag email file attachments directly onto the desktop or into any other program. However I’m sure other forum peeps will update this thread if you can.

Lastly i don’t think you can do anything else in EM Client while attachments are opening or saving.  But again someone will update this thread if you can.

You can drag attachments from eM Client to the desktop.

Thanks Gary for the info on the dragging files to Desktop. I learned something every day :slight_smile:

it is possible to drag an attachment from mail to the desktop or any folder. This I know and have checked. But you can’t send a file via whatsapp. I would like to implement this in new versions. and make it possible to work with mail if attachments are downloaded to a folder
are developers reading this topic?

Yes developers do read the threads and sometimes reply.

To support dragging files directly to Whats app or any other similar chat program would need enough EM Client user feedback to warrant doing that. Maybe in the future.

If Whatsapp can’t attach files from a folder, then is that not something to ask Whatsapp to implement?

Gary, please read my first message carefully, where I point out that the Thunderbird program easily allows you to drag and drop files on whatsapp

Well, eM Client is not Thunderbird.

but this is also an email program and I can match them

Yes, they both allow you to manage your email messages, but other than that they are very different. 

Under the hood, eM Client uses both .NET and the Chromium rendering engine. Thunderbird does not. Thunderbird is also an open source application with literally thousands of developers working on it. Functionality can be added by anyone with the inclination to write a bit of code, mostly through addons.