Saving an attachment blocks UI

I recently saved a large attachment. It took about a minute or two to finish. While the attachment was saving, the rest of the eM Client UI was blocked; the pop-up window with the progress bar was a modal dialog.

Can you please change it to a modeless dialog so users can continue using the application while the attachment saves?


This is actually by design to prevent any changes while saving the attachment, so it will not cause any problems.
it would be very hard to change because of how eM Client is written and designed.


The situation is still the same in V7 (7.2.35595.0) and it is a real problem with large attachments.
Isn’t it possible to create a independant thread for this save process and let the main application run (including messages synchronization and message browsing)?

R1M, are you using IMAP, and do you have download attachments for offline use enabled?

hello, I use office365 connexion and it looks like that attachment download is delayed after the display of the message

That is why I asked if you have selected to download for offline use. By default eM Client does not download the message contents, including attachments. So when you open the message or select to save the attachment, it needs to be fetched from the server. 

Maybe if you select to download for offline use, then when you click to save the attachment, there will be no delay.

What do you think?

possible reason, to be checked.
Could you please remind me where is the option for the download option?

It is on the IMAP tab in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

I don’t use IMAP but Exchange web services