save or export template

I’ve many templates to do.
I’m ok to create them one time on my main computer
But I do NOT want to recreate them for EM on my two laptops
Is it possible to save them from my main computer and import them to the laptops???

Yes, it is possible. You can simply save all your settings to a XML file. Simply go to the menu File - Export and choose “Export settings to .xml file”. Then copy the exported file to your laptops and Import the new settings. Hope it helps you.

Ok I try and tell you about it

doesnt work

It doesn’t work for me too! I’ve more than 28 templates and signatures so I really need to export/import them on all my computers!

Hello, unfortunately Templates are not a part of the XML export as my colleague suggested, Templates are a part of the database and can only be exported when moving your database, you can backup your database and restore from the backup on your new installation by navigating to File > Backup.