Save Mail and Execute External Program

I am considering switching to eM Client. There’s one thing I need to be sure it can do. With Outlook or PocoMail, I have had a button I click on the toolbar that saves the current email as a text file and executes an external application. This application then reads in the text file, processes it, and sends out an order email. Can eM Client do this? Thank you.

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client, there’s no option to save an email in a text file, only in a .eml file and there’s no link to other application to execute anything.
Maybe it should be added to future releases?

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you for letting me know. If it is added in the future, it would be much appreciated if this thread could be updated so that I would get a notification. Thank you.

No problem, I’ll try to keep you posted.

Thank you,