Save large attachments to cloud storage & send links instead of huge files.

When sending message with large attachments (p.e. over 10 MB), prompt user to save attachments to cloud storage and send link instead. Could be integrated with p.e. Google Drive, SkyDrive, AVG Live Kive, etc.

I would love to see an “Attach from Cloud” option, with support for Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.  This would be such a useful feature and is 100% the future of email attachments.  You should aim to make it easy for the user… most users don’t understand the significance of a files size… and image is just an image to them, so try to put some intelligence in to the process (if size < xx MB then offer to attach link instead of sending file for example). 
I really would love to replace Outlook (yuk) in my clients organisation but until you have this feature, it’s a no-go. Instead I have to upgrade to Office 2016 to get this feature with OneDrive (A LOT more expensive than buying em client). Add this functionality and give yourselves a HUGE commercial advantage.

Hello Paul, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately this is not currently supported, however we were thinking of implementing Evernote or a similar service that would allow you to share data over their cloud storage - we’re however still working on this for future releases.