Save emails as .txt files

This is great product, though one item I would like to see is the ability to Save emails as .txt files, in addition to the current option of .eml.
Does anyone know if this is coming in the forseeable future ?

Hi David,
thank you for sharing your idea. This is not a currently planned feature, but our developers can consider it when they look for new improvement ideas here on the forum.


This is the one thiing that does frustrate me. When i receive attachments as receipts all OK but if the receipt is contained (not attached) within an email I cannot attach that to a receipt recording application that I have.  Rather than copying and pasting text, that does not warrant as proof of purchase (with timestamp and official contact info) that the “text” belongs to the sender/vendor.  Legally I could not prove (unless I forwarded an email - not good security) that I have actually purchased from that provider.

Please please consider this function as most important.  Thank you. 

I would like to see an option to save emails as plain text (.txt extension).
Some emails I regularly receive are log files containing no formatting (other than CR/LF obviously), and having eM Client fatten them up clutters up the reading in a text editor.