Save Email as HTML

Thus has been raised by several people but no reply ever received from eMClient.
Please can we have an options to save an email as HTML. I often need to send the contents of an email to others and if I send it as eml then when they double click on it it gets added to their email client.
I can view emails as HTML, why can’t I ave them as HTML? Currently I have to use Outlook to save them which leads me to think what is the point of using eMClient?

Why don’t you just forward the email? That will include the original email as html within your new email.

I want a saved copy of these emails to attach to reports etc.

Well, that is what eml files are for. They provide an actual raw copy of the message that can be attached or saved. Most email clients can view eml files, and I know that both MS Outlook and Thunderbird just open the eml file for viewing without importing the message, but maybe some other client is doing things differently. Or maybe the receiver is choosing to import the message rather than just viewing it?

Whatever the case, that is the only option you have in eM Client. It does not include other message formats as a save option. And to be honest, HTML is not a message format. 

Maybe you could print the message to pdf and attach that.

I don’t agree, eml files are for merging into email programs which is not what I want. I can get part way there by printing the message to a pdf file via Foxit which will have to do for now.

The benefit of the eml file is that it is an application independent format which allows email clients to view the complete message in its original format without importing or converting. As such it is the perfect option for forwarding a message as an attachment, for archiving, or for transferring messages between clients.

We’ll have to agree to differ on that, eml files relate specifically to email clients so I wouldn’t want to send one attached to a report.
eM Client is the only email program I have ever used that doesn’t offer a choice of export format and I was hoping that the company would respond to this.

Yes, eml files relate to email clients; they are emails. %-) You can send them as attachments, just like you do with images. It may be a new concept, but it’s totally acceptable. :wink:

Jeff, if you are expecting a response from eM Client staff, you should be aware that this is a user supported forum, and eM Client staff do not regularly participate. Your best option might be to contact the company directly, or if you have a Pro License open a support ticket where you could get feedback from the developers. If you want to suggest changes, create an Idea on this forum. If there is enough interest from other users, then the developers may consider it.

I second Jeff’s request.  I just switched from Windows Live Mail, which has had a “Save as HTML” feature since it’s first “Outlook Express” incarnation.  This is basic functionality, it shouldn’t be optional!

That said, a painful workaround is to click “reply” or “forward” (you’ll need to have the corresponding “Include original message text” option set in settings for this to work).  Then Menu > Edit > Edit Source, then CTRL-A, CTRL-C to copy everything.  Then paste into your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad).

Then delete the bit at the top that’s added because you’re replying, and replace it with:

email subject goes here

and add at the end:

Then save the file as .htm or .html

(Actually there should also really be a tag inside the head section.  The  charset value is copied from the charset="…" part of the Content-Type:  header in the email.  If the email has only HTML this might be at the top with the headers for the entire email, but more commonly HTML will be in a part of a multipart MIME email, and then the relevant  Content-Type:  header will be at the start of this HTML part.  You might need this tag if your email isn’t in English or contains special characters, but I left it out because I wanted to keep things simple).

eM Client developers:

This should be a really easy feature to add; just do as above, only automatically.  Please include in next release?