Save attachments from multiple messages?

Hi, is it possible to save all the attachments from multiple messages at once? I am sent an invoice from a service i use, every month, sometimes multiple times a month. To do my taxes i need all those attachments from one year in one folder. It is easy to compose a search query to get all those mails, but then i cannot find a way to save all the attachments at once…

Is it possible?

Thunderbird had an addon that did it quite well, but I don’t think it is possible with eM Client. Would be interested to know if someone else has a solution.

It was also trivial with Apple Mail, even without addon, just select several Messages and select “Save All Attachments As…”

Maybe you need to keep another email client on the back burner for just such occasions. :wink:

I believe there must be a lot of people having this demand, since more and more companies are switching to digital receipts, which need to be downloaded when people need to do taxes. I dont know if there is a channel to submit feature suggestions but that would be definitely one id send :wink: in the meantime i will probably have to install ugly thunderbird again though.

You can submit feature requests on this forum by choosing Idea instead of Question or Problem when starting a new thread. That way other users can vote on it, and if there is enough interest it will be considered.