Save attachments from a specific contact

Hi, I have just landed on emClient and I wouldn’t mind paying for the Pro version if someone could tell me if you can automatically save pdf attachments sent from a specific address to a folder on your hard drive.

Thank you very much to anyone who can guide me.

You can create a rule so that when a specific email arrives in the inbox, it automatically moves it to a folder either under your email account or any account, or in a local folder at the bottom left of eM Client.

But to save any attachment outside of eM Client to a local harddisk folder, you would have to manually do that from the file attachment in the email via right clicking on the attachment & clicking “Save As”.

Thank you cyberzork

It is precisely that second point that interests me. I currently use Apple Mail and am working on a script for a rule to have that function. But for a while I used eM Client and was hoping to find that feature even if it was paid for.

I’ll keep working on it.
Thank you very much for your reply. :wink:

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