'Save as PDF' menu and icon

Based on my experience, the only way to keep an email on the long term, or include it in a folder somewhere is to save it as PDF. This can be done by 'Command P" of course (on Mac), but it requires two or three clicks.

Adding a direct menu and/or icon would be a great feature, while extremely easy to implement.

Geeks will tell me that PDF is not a standard… I think it is.

You are correct in that. It is not a message standard. It is just a printout, so it will not have any attachments, and it does not included the message headers.

If you save the message as an eml file, which is an actual message, it can be opened in any email application as a message, so you can reply or forward it. As it is the full message, it contains all the message headers, and attachments, so is valid for proof as a sent or received message.

Though a printout is OK, if that is all you want. Just choose to save the message, and instead of eml, choose pdf.

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It seems my feature request disappeared from the forum ???
Does it mean that if you don’t agree, you simply delete it ?
Am I dreaming ?