Save+as eml format only available when the email itself is opened

One of the things that eM client is attractive to me is due to its ability to use “Save As” to save emails in eml format using any name that I choose into any folder on my computer.

This function used to available for all “Save As” menus whether within the opened email. But now, if I don’t open the mail and just stay on the main screen listing out the emails, if I right click into “Save As” or press “Control S”, I can no longer type in the name of email to be saved. Instead, a folder selection menu pops up in which I can only select the “Folder” into which save the email and the I cannot choose to name file. It is automatically given a time stamped name.
I would like to have the ability to name the .eml file myself. The Folder selection option is not necessary as I can navigate to the folder in which I want to store my email.

Is it possible to use all “Save As” so that I can choose to input my own file name? this used to be the case, but is changed in update versions of the software.


Hello Mathew,
I think your issue is connected to Conversations view. When you use the Ctrl+S or Save as option on a list item which includes more messages in the Conversation, you only get the Folder choice (since the Save as menu only allows for one text field for a file name and you’d for example need to name 5 items).
Clicking on the separate message inside the conversation will still give you the Naming option, because you are only saving one file at a time.


Thanks Olivia for your quick response. Great tech support.

Uust as you advised, the issue is with Conversations View. In the “settings” -> “Mail” -> “Read”, as long as I don’t choose the “Show conversations in all views” in the radio buttons and choose instead either “Disable conversation” or “Show conversations in message detail only”, then Control+S or Save As allows me to save in eml format.

If I choose the “Show conversations in all views”, then even if only one message in the conversation is highlighted, I still only get the Folder choice.

Thanks again.