"Save as..." brings up blank white box from opened pdf file

When I used to receive PDF attachments, I was able to open them to view, and then if I wanted to save the file, I could go to the menu box in the PDF file, click “File”, “Save as…” and save the file. Now when I open a PDF file and do the same thing, clicking “Save as…” brings up a blank white box that says “Save as” at the top. Here is a screenshot of what I get:

I have it set to automatically use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF attachments.
I can save it directly from the email, but sometimes I don’t know if I want to save it until after I’ve opened it. This is making two steps instead of one.
Any ideas of why this has changed?

checking to make sure I understand you.
You are saying that when you launch adobe reader from emclient adobe reader seems to work, but then fails with their save as command.

I just tested this to see if i could replicate but I use pdfxchange Editor not Adobe reader and it worked perfectly.

How about if you save the file and then open it with file explorer to open adobe reader. Does its save as command work then?

I did the following search with duckduckgo
adobe reader gives blanks screen save as

and got lots of articles about the adobe problems. This one seemed like it might help you.


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steveshank, thank you so much! Yes, that article said, " uncheck ‘Show online storage when saving files’, so I did uncheck it, and now I can use “save as…” right from emclient after opening the PDF.

The article said that this is only an issue with Adobe Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader, but apparently, in my case it was also an issue in Acrobat Reader, because it works fine again now that I have unchecked that box.

Thank you so much for your help!