Save all attachments at once?

When I get an email with several attachments, it seems I can only save one file at a time. Is there a way to save ALL attachments at once? 

If you highlight multiple attachments (ctrl+left-click individually or click on the first email and press shift+end to select all), you can then right-click and select “save as”. It will save all of the attachments as individual files.

I found that I’m able to do this without having to select all of them. Right-click just one of the attachments. A menu appears that includes Save all attachments. Click that, pick an output directory, and away it goes.

That is just my point. There is no SAVE ALL attachments selection. The only choices I see are save, or open.

Hello Eric,
you should be able to get the option for Saving/Opening all attachments either way:

What version of eM Client are you running?


It’s strange if there’s no Save all attachments menu item. I find it in exactly the place shown in the screen capture posted by Olivia Rust.

Oh now I see it. Thank you!