Same rap after Update

Second time this has happened ( 1st was past August ) After the update I ger the orange triangle warning and can not use email client. Tried the fix, said try another username/password. Nothing works

Have you tried temporarily stopping your Anti-Virus and VPN apps, if they are active?

Are there any errors posted in Menu > Operation?

Can you tell us what version of eMC being used?

The more info the better…

Same thing happened in August when I updated. Current version with the issue is 8.7.876 (234bb7a) As I go through the diagnosis/fix it tells me either email address and/or password is wrong. I have verified email address and even changed password, which works on all other devices. Is it at all possible it is because this is the second pc that email client is on which has never been an issue over the years.

I suspect that as this is happening after an update, it might be your anti-virus or firewall application that is not recognizing the new version and so it is blocking the connection.

As @sunriseal suggested, did you disable your anti-virus and try again?

He replied in his duplicate thread: