Same email address/account on two PCs

Rephrasing previous question from 12/2 – in the past I have been able to use the same email address/account on two or more Windows PCs. Now on Windows 11, I am not allowed to do so, it seems. When I set up eM Client on 2d PC, I’m asked for a different email address/account. Have things changed? Am I doing something wrong. Thanks for any help.

As it’s the same email address and account setup, I would first backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” on the 1st computer. Then copy the file to the 2nd computer same backup folder location.

Note:- You will find the backup folder location via "“Menu / Settings / Backup”.

Then on the new eM Client installation, (skip the email account setup) and then once the program opens restore via “Menu / File / Restore” and your backup will then appear to restore No need to resetup again unless you are adding extra accts.

The license will normally only work on one PC at a time, and will automatically deactivate on the 1st PC when you re-activate the 2nd PC & visa versa.

If you want to have both PC’s activated at the same time, you need the 2nd PC (with a different email address) with either another free or pro license depending on if it’s for personal or business use.


sorry, but does it mean that I cannot use my account on two Windows 11 devices with only one adress? For me it’s necessary to do so, cause I have one device at home and one in the office.

Thanks for a response

You can setup any email addresses in eM Client on any devices that run Windows 8 - 11, or Mac OS.

What you can’t do is use the same license on more than one device, without having to reactivate every time you change devices, unless you have purchased multiple seats.

I am using two different email addresses: and on two different Windows 11 computers as instructed by you, and every now and then one or the other PC tells me I need to either procure a new license or or re-activate my existing license for emClient (latest version). Help, please. Thank you,
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If you do as @cyberzork says that will work with no problem, but you
can not use both machines at the same time, you can only be logged
into eMC on ONE machine if you are using a single license.

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sorry to hijack this topic…which I stumbled upon when looking for a solution to my question

I do have two pro licenses…can I use 1 backup for both (Onedrive location)? Or is that not advisable?

So, I don’t have to set up both clients when I change something for example in the accounts…

thanks in advance

Each installation needs its own database, stored locally, so you can’t have the database in cloud storage, and share that between the two devices. As eM Client can’t share a database between multiple devices, making any changes to one device will not affect the other device.

The backup works best when the location is also local. Once the backup is complete, you can move or copy the zip file to cloud storage if that is what you want. You can then restore that backup on the other device so they both have the same configuration.

Alright Gary, I will try to use it like you suggest…thanks.