Salesforce integration

What do you think about full integration with

That would be absolutely amazing!

New feature is always a welcome. But I think there’re lot more critical minor improvement and bug fixes should be done first prior to waste resource on new feature. Such as:

  • IMAP folder subscription
  • White/black list feature for unsafe message (instead of using Contact)
  • Password protection on Settings/Account
  • Google Contact localization fix and improvement (this causes a lot of problems, especially users that uses mobile sync)
  • Shared Local Calendar for network (ie. LAN)
  • Google Task (

User Dan_ (…) provide lots of input which I also think it critical for the crop. environment.
User Northlight (…) have lot of valid input on calendar and customization which should also be considered.

I would appreciate this, especially since current solutions are of very low quality, I think a lot of salesforce users might consider changing mailclient if a well integrated solution would come along.

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eM Client and SalesForce.

Are there any plans for eM Client to interface with SalesForce?
This would be of huge benefit to my company and no doubt others.


I am sorry but we do not plan to implement Salesforce into eM Client in foreseeable future.


linkpoint360 is an excellent 3rd party Salesforce email integration tool. Perhaps eM can look into integrating with that?

thank you for this tip, but my previous answer still pays.