"Safe Senders" and "Blocked Senders" listing

It would be nice if we had the possibility to specify “Safe 
Senders” and “Blocked Senders” listing.

To be taken in consideration in next version I hope.

Best regards…

Agree, one of the few things I miss since changing to eM

I’m with that too. I am being plagued by junk email and I have tried using ‘Rules’ and find it quite confusing and now most of my email is routed to the junk folder.

That’s ok, but by moving it back into the Inbox, or if the sender is in the contacts list, emails from that sender should be identified as safe.

Although eM Client does not have a spam filter per se, you can block senders/domains by right-clicking on the email and select “Move to junk” you can then select to black list the specific address or the entire domain.  Conversely, if mail is going into junk that should not, you can right-click the email and select “Move to inbox”.  You will be able to white list either the specific email or the domain.

Please note that if your email provider has a spam filter (e.g., gmail), the eM Client options may have no impact on emails going into junk mail (as it occurs prior to updating eM Client) and you will have to fix that using the provider’s webmail client.

moving the sender to the inbox hasn’t worked for me, their email continues to go to junk mail

Therefore as Jay said, you need to fix that using the web interface for your email provider.