S/MIME per Alias


is it somehow possible to set S/MIME certificates per Alias?

I’m using a Zimbra Server that manages multiple e-mail addresses.
I’m just logging into IMAP/SMTP with the single Zimbra User Account.

To send from all these e-mail addresses I added them as aliases.

Now my problem is, that I hae S/MIME certificates for some of these addresses.
One certificate per e-mail address, but I can only set one certificate for the Zimbra account I added in eM.

Thanks for your help,
Marc Vollmer

Hi Marc, you should be able to create a security profile with a certificate setup for your alias, but unfortunately you can only assign one security profile for your main account (the zimbra account).

Hope this helps,

So, this means that I have to change the security profile every time I want to send a signed or encrypted e-mail with another alias?

Hi again, yes this would be the only possibility, there’s currently no option to assign different security profiles to aliases, unless the alias is added as another account.

Thank you for understanding,

is there a motivation to change that? i mean, from UIX that doesnt make any sense :wink:

I second.  We need to be able to assign security profiles to alias too, not just the main account.

Hi Sylvain, this is unfortunately not possible in the current release of eM Client, however we’d like to include this feature in future releases of eM Client, it’s currently on our roadmap for eM Client 7.