S/MIME Certificate (Apple) not working

I imported the .p12 certificate into apple keychain and setted everything to trust always.
Than I Imported the .p12 certificate to em cllient. (But actually not from keychain but the downloaded .p12 file – You cant import to em client from keychain, right)

When I try to send an e-mail, it shows an error message (German Client):
Es gibt kein gültiges S/MIME-Zertifkat oder PGP-Schlüssel zum Signieren für (mail adress) (Die Zertifkikatswiderrufungsüberbrüfung ist unvollständig.).
There is no valid S/MIME certificate or PGP key to sign for (mail address) (The certificate revocation check is incomplete.).

When I try it in Apple Mail, the icon for signed e-mails appears, I can send mails but I get a warning when recieving the mail on my Iphone saying “The certificate cant be trusted”.

(I checked e-mail adress correctness 100 times)

Any Ideas?

The issue here may be that you have not installed the intermediate certificate, so the certificate revocation can’t be checked. Without knowing the certificate is not revoked, we can’t allow you to use it.

But you don’t need to import anything into eM Client. You just install the certificate and the intermediate certificates sent by the issuer, in the MacOS Keychain. We will access them directly from there.

Finally, some advice. You should NEVER EVER under any circumstances, manually set the trust in the MacOS Keychain app. :sweat:

Thanks for your reply.

I downloaded everything what the provider offers.
I see three certificates in the keychain:
1 in “my certificates”
2 in “certificates” (root certificates)
All three are not expired

As stated in the manual by the provider they actually ask me to manually set the trust in keychain app for S/MIME and X.509…

We don’t respect that setting, but even if we did, we would not be able to construct the chain of trust and send it to the recipient. The recipient would be stuck only with the leaf certificate, which cannot be verified.

If they did not give you the intermediate certificate, please ask them for the link to their site where you can get them.

Alright, so I ordered a certificate from another company.
Everything ist installed – when I send an E-Mail with eM-Client to myself and I open it with Apple Mail on my iphone, the sender Mail is red.
When I open it with eM-client on Desktop, everything is fine = 5 Checks.
When I open it with the eM-client beta iphone app it says “Signature has problems”-> "Cannot find the original signer.

When I send an E-Mail with apple Mail from my Desktop:
Signature works with apple Mail on iphone
It works with eM-Client on Desktop
It doesn’t work with eM-Client Iphone app: “Examination failed”

If you are having any issues testing the beta phone app, send your questions to [email protected]

But, have you deleted the old one and imported the new certificate on the phone app?

The beta App ist just for reference.

Main Problem is, if I I send a Mail with Apple Mail from my desktop (where the certficate is installed) and open it with apple Mail on my Iphone everything is fine.
If I send a Mail with eM-Client from my desktop and open it with apple Mail on my Iphone the sender Mail is red.

We are not responsible for other apps. Sorry. You will need to ask Apple for assistance with Apple Mail.