Running the client on MAC and Windows

Hello all,
I want to run the eM Client on my iMac AND on my Windows 10 PC (not at the same time).
I want both Clients to use the same Directory (NAS or Cloud).
So, I´m installing the client on my iMac (or Windows, it doesn´t matter), changing the directory, restart the client, everything is fine.
Now, when I close the client and repeat the same steps on the other machine, the client is crashing with data or database error.

Thanks for help and stay safe.

Cloud storage is not possible for the database.

For a single computer, NAS could be OK as long as the network is fast enough, but you are still going to find performance loss.

Because the Mac and PC versions are different, the database is not going to be compatible between them. A solution is to set both installations to use IMAP or Exchange. That way the data is stored on your email server, and both computers (plus any other devices like your phone and tablet) can access it at the same time regardless of email client or platform.

Hey Gary,
thank you for the fast reply, not the answer I hoped to get, but the answer why my trys are not working.
Thanks again.