running spell check on new message on em7

There is no button to run speel check corrections on a new message.   All I can do is see it is spelled wrong.   What good is that ?   I have to go to another program to have it correct my spelling,  and then come back to EM7 to type that spelling in.  Em7 is far worse than em6 in that and several other ways.   Probably will need to revert.

Try right-clicking the misspelled word, It should give you the correct spelling choices.



Like other email clients , all it needs is a icon on the new message form to allow just one click instead of trying to find it through the tools menu .

Hello everybody,

I am pleased to inform you that the Check Spelling function will be available as a button in the customizable Toolbar in the eM Client v 7.1


Thank you. Approx. time frame for next release to  7.1 please.

Hello William,

That would be around the beginning of the new year.