Running latest eM Client (7.1) - backup question

I noticed that if the backup tasks starts running while I’m using eM Client, the finished zip file only contains about half the number of bytes as apposed to if eM Client is not running.  What’s the difference?  Appears that more data is being backed up if eM Client isn’t running when the backup is started.

I’ve noticed it too, but in my case the backup file is about a fifth the size. Did you shutdown eM Client before the backup was finished? I found that if I do that the backup process gets aborted. Sometimes I get a popup that says “Database backup is in progress. Do you want to abort it?” but usually not. Maybe when that happens the backup aborts and leaves a partial file. Then again the .incomplete naming of the backup file while it is in progress would imply otherwise. Hopefully we’ll get more info!

Just compared a big backup zip folder with a small one. I recant my previous post and would guess that a partial file would not be left there. It seems that the live backup is quicker and smaller because it backs up only the local data (local folders, archive, etc.). I don’t see backup files for the account data (in my case Gmail - a ton of data). I don’t see a critical need to backup the account data anyway since it would restored when you add the account.