Running 32-bit eM Client on 64-bit OS

How can I get 32-bit version of eM Client installed on 64-bit Windows OS? Installer automatically installs 64-bit eM client, incapable to integrate with Skype.

Well currently you can’t, .NET Framework will run 32bit/64bit based on OS bitness. We are currently considering to publish 32bit only version to make Skype integration functional on 64bit version. We hoped that they will release 64bit version of their DLLs quite soon, but is not the case :-(.

Maybe you can find this useful:…

I can do beta testing for you in case of 32-bit “forced” eM client (contact me through Google profile)

You can bet we know about this option :-). The problem is elsewhere. With this option we will force eM Client to run 32 bit everywhere, even on 64 bit OS with no Skype installed. That could lead to a performance loss on 64 bit systems. So it is rather a strategic decision, because we don’t want to distribute two versions of setup.

I completely understand your point of view (as former developer). I will perform some tests forcing eM Client to uyse 32-bit .NET using environment variable or registry settings and post results here. I wonder, whether this make Skype integration working.