How do I run the entire inbox against the rules I have set up?

Hello Sid,
right click the Inbox folder, choose Apply rule… and select all/certain rules to be manually applied to this folder (or even select the subfolders or any other folders to apply the rules to all of them at once).


doesn’t work on version 7.2.35128.0
Generally rules are not sync need to fix this

Doesn’t work for me. Long and tedious setting up the rules I need.  I Apply the rule and the messages that meet the criteria and still firmly stuck in my InBox.

Rules run automatically by default and only affect new messages as they arrive in your Inbox. They don’t affect other folders, and do not affect messages that have arrived previously.

If you want to apply/reapply a Rule to existing messages you need to right-click on the folder and choose Apply Rule.

If there is a particular Rule that is not working for you, can you post a screenshot of it here and we can see where the problem is.

Rules dont work for me either…
I have 70k email.
about 10 k of it Within the rule that i created. but its only moving about 5.6k of it, rest of it still sitting in mail box.
I did try Apply Rule for the inbox folder but doesnt work… They are stock in inbox.

Please post a screenshot of your Rule.

I tried multiple things but nothing worked…
here is what i tried.

and 1 more. 

The first one does not have proper email addresses in the Rule. and are not email addresses. An email address is [email protected]

The second one, as long as the words “The Shekia Group” are in the subject, it should work.  That is an unusual subject, but maybe that is what you receive. Check that the spelling is correct. The Rule should ignore prefixed Fwd: and Re: so it should be OK. Or did you mean that those words are in the sender’s name?

The third one is looking for messages sent from your computer using those email addresses. Usually you only send from one or two addresses. Maybe you meant for the Rule to be After a message has been received from … 

If you have any further issues with Rules, as a Pro License user you are entitles to VIP Support. They will be able to assist you even with a live TeamViewer session to see where your issues are.

OK - I have noted what you say. 

This is so awkward to setup and use - I guess I’ll try another program.

When compared with Outlook the method you have chosen to set these up is terrible.


I would also add I looked further at your reply to Ali Selcuk Layik and it may astonish you - but what you are offering is not what people want. 

I often get emails from a domain but the email addresses are not always the same.  What people need is  filter/rule to place emails into a folder consistently from a domain which is what Ali was trying to do (as was I).

I believe you need to consider what you are offering again.

Can you please explain what you mean by Rules not being what people want? What do people want and how do Rules not offer that?

For a Rule that deals with a domain, or sub-domains, you can use the with words found in the header option.

So if you want to find all messages that come from, and also include the Rule will look like this:


Rules in eM Client are really very powerful, but unfortunately they are not very well documented.

If you have any questions please ask, as I am a great fan of Rules.

BTW, this is a community support forum. Those commenting here are not employees of eM Client Inc.

Using Rules is so very simple to setup. For the most basic, simply right-click on the sender’s email address in the message preview and choose Create Rule From.

There is not much documentation beyond the very basics in the Help File (F1), but once you have some understanding of the capabilities you will find it extremely easy to create even complex Rules that will work. I have one complex Rule that has 12 conditions and it works every time.