I add a simple rule - Delete an email from a specific address. Nothing happens
next time I start Em Client, they are downloaded again.
Even tried “delete” and “Permanantly delete” at the same time - Nothing

All I want is to flag certain emails to be deleted immediately without ever showing them again.

Please help.


Hello Francois,

If you set up a New rule through the Rules window, it is applied to unread e-mails only. If you want to apply it to read e-mails, go to Menu -> Tools -> Rules - Apply rule … and select the folders that you want to apply the rule to.
Also, if you set up a rule about spam e-mails, please be aware that spam e-mails often get sent out under one contact name but actually use multiple e-mail addresses.


Thank you.

Basically I need to flag certain messages as they come in to be deleted without showing up again.

I will try what you have said and give feedback.