Rules work intermittent

When EMclient is running and an email is sent to my email account, a rule will copy that email to the local folders inbox. Works fine. The rule is not triggered in this situation; A new email is sent to me. I read it on my phone. At the end of the day I start EMclient on my desktop. The new email is received there in my email account inbox, but not copied by the rule to the local folders inbox. This is reproducible.
Maybe at startup of EMclient, the email receiving is quicker than the rules activation?

Rules in eM Client only apply to new messages when they arrive in the Inbox. If they have already been read on another device, they are not considered new.

That would explain it. Is there a way to trigger the rule on messages received rather than message with status new?

Not automatically. Thunderbird recently introduced a function where Filters can be triggered at intervals, like very 20 minutes, but eM Client does not have that capability.

However, in eM Client you can trigger them manually by right-click on the Inbox and choosing Apply Rule. That will apply the Rule to all messages in that folder irrespective of their status.

Hmm, that’s not what I’m looking for. I prefer the way outlook handles it (but switching over to EMclient). I guess there are 2 ways of dealing with this.

  1. Add it as an idea topic here.
  2. Changing the email account on my phone to pop3 in stead of imap. [edit] Bad idea. Just noticed I’d loose the push functionality

You could also alternativly setup an eg IMAP folder instead of a local folder & then setup a rule i(f available) in your IMAP mailbox server so it automatically then gets moved to the specific IMAP folder no matter if you view it on the mobile or desktop em client. I do that with eg Gmail rules.

Yes, that is what I do. Having the Rules/Filters server-side has advantages like only having to have them once, and not duplicated on every device. It has some disadvantages also, in that messages moved server-side will not give notifications in eM Client, and they are also not displayed instantly like Inbox messages. And if you are using POP3 like Paul is on his phone, you will not receive those messages on the phone as POP3 only downloads new messages from the Inbox. But it is a good solution for me.

Not sure if I understand that correctly. On my phone I’ve returned to IMAP because of the push mechanism. Created a new folder on the IMAP mailbox server with a rule that copies new emails to the new folder. I thought that when inbox email turned status read, the copy in the new folder would stay unread. eMClient pulls them and sees it as 2 instances of 1 msg, not triggering the rule. I’m thinking the only way around this might be to forward the email serverside to another account that is also added to eMClient or just accept that it’s no substitute for outlook because of the useless rules implementation.

So your server-side filter copies the message, not moves the message. Therefore two messages.

eM Client Rules are not useless. They are just very specific in that they apply only to new messages in your Inbox. If you have read an Inbox message already on your phone, it is not a new message, is it? And if it is any folder besides the Inbox, eM Client Rules do not apply.

Yes it copies the message, that was the whole idea. To create 2 separate messages with different statuses. Specific means limited. It only works on a limited set of incoming email in stead of on all incoming email like you would normally expect and “After message has been received” suggests. That would be fine if this was just an extra functionality but there is no general rule present. So you’re right, the rules are not useless, they are useful in a specific situation and not useful in a general situation. I have been going through the posts and noticed this issue coming up many times but nothing been done about it. It is what it is.

No, it does not work on a limited set. It works on all new messages as they arrive in your Inbox that meet the conditions of the Rule.

Can you please quote the threads (with links) where this issue has not been addressed.

With status new, so that’s limited. You keep on defending an obvious flawed design decision. It’s no use discussing this any further because it doesn’t solve the design flow. You are apparently happy with it, I’m not.

Yes, it is by design. If the Rule is applied over and over and over and over . . . you get the idea . . . the overhead of your application in a loop processing the Rule would be disastrous. So the Rule is only applied automatically to new messages as they arrive. At other times you can apply it manually if needed. That is all.

If you don’t like it, uninstall eM Client and use something else that works for you.