Rules Wizard can't edit the presets

When adding rules, I noticed that you can’t edit the automatically added presets such as names, people, mail, etc.
For me, it would make sense if I double-click on the automatically added preset and adjust it to my wishes.
For example, I have to enter the e-mail address manually or only parts of it if I want to change the actual preset. Maybe this could be integrated into future releases.

Rules created by right-click on the sender in your message list have limited options.

But you can edit the conditions if you go to Menu > Rules and create a new Rule there. Then go to the next screen and tick or untick whatever you want.

And then click on Next again to select the actions. Then on Next again to select the exceptions etc.

Just be aware that if you are creating a server Rule, you also won’t have the same range of options as with local Rules.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Appreciate it.

In the end, it comes down to the same thing. It would be important to me to be able to edit the conditions of the rule from the mail, which unfortunately is not possible. In the end, no matter what way I use to create a rule, I have to adjust it manually.
Hence, the request or inquiry whether this could be included as a feature request and implemented in possible new releases?

We already offer presets based on the message you right-click on. So with just a couple of clicks you can create the Rule without any editing necessary.

We don’t have the option to edit these presets, it would just be too complicated.