Rules with GCONTACTS

I am currently evaluating the emClient as a Thunderbird replacement. So far things are very promising. The integration with Google Contacts with the Contacts List is particularly impressive.

When I started investigating the Rules features, my goal was to reduce my time spent on spam by only allowing email from the Contacts to reach the Inbox. Anything not in my contacts gets moved to another folder that can be perused at a later time.

The only way I could find to do this was create a rule about moving messages as they arrive from people to a folder (Inbox). Then I added all of the Contacts to that rule with the attribute that it stop processing more rules.

I encountered some sort of limit on sizes and bypassed that by creating 4 rules and distributing my Contacts across those 4 rules.

The fifth rule simply moves the message to the PeruseLater folder.

The technique works. As messages come in from NonContacts like Amazon, adding them to one of the 4 rules solves the issue. The Viagra/Hair Restoration/Ginsu Knives emails don’t distract my attention during the work day.

There may be a better way to do this that I have not been clever enough to see.

My first though was that there ought to be an option in Rules that essentially says
“If the sender is in my Contacts”, then do something.

Another thought is that Google Contacts can have Labels. Apparently emClient grabs the labels too
as I see them under the Contact List drop down. Supporting Labels could lead to Rules like

“If the sender has Label Family, move it to my inbox. Stop.”
“If the sender has Label Business, forward it to my wife’s email. Stop.”
“If the sender has Label Work, move it to my inbox, and play a sound. Stop.”

My thinking is that implementing these features would make things a lot simpler for users that use emClient with GMail.