Rules *wildcard (senders email contains ...)

I am trying to create a specific rule in emclient but its just not working. In Thunderbird its so easy and works without any problems, but the rules on emclient really makes me sad.
However, whats my issue?

I want to create a rule to delete all emails with “news” or “newsletter” inside the senders email. I tried to add *news*, *news, @news, *@news, “news” etc. (in “from people”) without any luck. I see there is a option for searching words in the subject or body, but not in the senders email…

Can you please tell me if its even possible with emclient to do such rules? (Well it should for a product which cost that much).

I see there are people who asked such a question over 4 years ago… and its still not added?


You can use with words found in the header option.

This will delete all emails with news found anywhere in the email address or sender’s name.