Rules Update

I would love to see some updates to the rules:

  1. An action that would pop up a warning box.
  2. A rule that will be applied when you save an outgoing email.  As of now it waits until it was actually sent out

My goal is to make sure I don’t send an email to the wrong address.  I have a contact that works with me at two different companies.  So if I am emailing her from domain1 I want to make sure I don’t send it to her email at domain2.  I could do this with a rule if it would work when the email is saved to the outbox.

Useful proposal, but not really sure if these fall in the Rules domain. Besides a Rule is applied automatically to a message as it enters the Inbox for the first time as a new message, or as it moves from the Outbox to the Sent folder. So it is already sent by then.

One solution in eM Client is to disable sending messages immediately. That way they will sit in the Outbox until the sync schedule, so it gives you an opportunity (sometimes) to cancel the send and change the from address.

If you are looking to change OS or email client, Evolution and Thunderbird (TB via add-ons) can already do this.

Yep, I have that “Send Messages Immediately” turned off for many reasons.  I love EM client to keep all my messages organized.   But when I am in a hurry, this problem is tricky for me and typing in her first name can pull up the wrong out of habit.

I’ve never really like Thunderbird.  Don’t know that I have looked at Evolution.  Used Mailbird for a while, but like having my 10 emails addresses organized in one place.

Seems like this should be doable since we get a popup notification if we forget an attachment before the email goes out.

You have my vote Barbara.