Rules selecting wrong email

To record a product details I need, I cut and pasted the details into an email that I then sent to myself. The email sent reads —

Textured Buff Coping Stone, (L)580mm (W)136mm (T)50mmProduct code 5015111359812

£7.33 per M

On receiving this email one of my rules detected the above and moved the email to my Trash folder and changed the category to Green, Blue, Orange and Purple.

The rule reads

After message has been received

with ‘aqui’,‘para’, ‘este’, 'este ', para ', 'aqui ’ found in body


and set categories ‘Green Category’, ‘Blue…’, ‘Orange…’, ‘Purple…’

(This rule is to deal with emails I keep receiving from Brazil, most of which contain the Portugese words ‘aqui’, ‘para’ or ‘este’). I have one other rule that is active but this sets category to just 2 colours.

This rule should not have detected the email about the Textured Coping Stone.

This keeps happening with other emails that do not contain any Portugese words.

Is this an error in EM?