rules problem

hello. i have a emclient on imap mail and i have som foders. on folders i have apply a rules, but after incoming mail it is stay od deliveri mail. dont move a spoecifi mail to folder. can you help me? thank you .

Hi, are those emails which are not affected by rules received as read or unread?


when it ́s come it is unread. when i click on it read… Does it have any effect on the rules??

no it should not, until it’s marked as read it should be processed by rules.


John, this post reminds me of an issue I raised some time ago, here:…

I still believe this should be changed. Rules should be processed when the message is first downloaded, regardless of whether it has already been read on another device. Please reconsider.

Problem is not that we do not want to act it like this, problem is that there is at this moment no way how to prevent infinite loops. Rules are being activated by information about read status, if eM client would ignore it then there is no way how to prevent loops.


I realize you can’t use the Read status to activate the rules. I don’t know the internal software design, but it would seem possible when synchronizing the Inbox with the server, to compare whether a message is already in the local storage (i.e. previously downloaded) and apply the rules if it has not been previously downloaded, in other words, when it is first being downloaded.

It is not possible, that would slow client way too much. I got this information from programmer who worked on it so there is no reason to doubt that it is not possible at this moment.


The problem is simple. The current download reports for Iphone cause problems. I do not understand why the rules for conditional activation of reading. It never works. I do not like it as actively use sort of mail.

Because Rules use read/unread status as escape condition to prevent infinite loop. There now no other way how to prevent it.