rules not working

I am trying to set up routine mail to file into folders, however they are not working.

I need to be able to file into specific folders if sent to or received by a specific address or sent to or received by any address from a specific domain.

These are usually subfolders e.g. folder Filing/Tech/emClient

Your rule looks OK to me, but a couple of notes on rules:

1.  Rules only apply to messages as they are received as new emails.  Therefore, if you read the email on another machine first, it will not appear as a new item to eM Client as the other machine has marked it as read.

2.  I find it much better to create rules on the host (that is, the web client).  This will always process rules as the email arrives and will apply them so that they appear on all clients.

3.  You can run rules manually by right-clicking on the inbox and select “Apply rule”