Rules not firing

I’ve got EM Client set up to catch emails according to certain rules and move them to a specific folder (this is all on Exchange Server mail host). After those rules, comes another rule to move everything to an Inbox in another account (presumably, whatever doesn’t get caught by the first few rules). They are not working (but everything does get moved - the last rule seems to fire properly). One possibility is that, because I have another instance of EM Client running on another machine (laptop) maybe those emails were not seen as “unread” (if the other client already saw them). But then I don’t know why the final rule works properly. Also, if I manually Apply (in the Rules window) the rules to the inbox, they work properly. I just can’t figure out why they are not working when not manually Applied. Is there any way to debug this or what might I be missing?

Actually, another possibility: what if those rules are firing, but then my last rules operates also and just puts them back into the other account Inbox - is it possible to make sure that an email is only acted on by 1 rule? How is that handled?

When a message arrives in your Inbox, all Rules will act on that message one after the other in the order they are listed in Menu > Rules.

If the message meets the conditions of multiple Rules, and they are all moving messages to different folders, the message will end up in the folder specified by the last Rule in the list. To avoid that, you need to add an option to the first Rule; stop processing other Rules. That will prevent other Rules acting on the message once the first Rule has done its thing.