Rules not applying manually

Hey there,

So before posting here, I’ve been looking around for some answer, but couldn’t find anything of help. I am trying to setup my emclient with rules, but it seems they won’t apply manually to already received mails (whether read or unread), only to newly received ones. Now I can move them manually for now, but I’ll have to create new rules later on, and the quantity of mails to be moved will be far mor significant.

About my rules: they’re pretty straightforward, with a “from” and “move to” elements. I’ve tested them extensively, I got it to work for newly received mails, so I know the rule in itself is valid.

Do you guys happen to know a workaround, if this is a known bug…?

To apply a Rule manually, right-click on your Inbox and choose Apply Rule.

You can then select the folders and Rules you want to apply in that instance.

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Yes, I know that Gary, I’ve been doing it. The point of my previous message is about the discrepancy between the expected result (rules applied) and the actual result (rules not applied).


I’ve tested them extensively, I got it to work for newly received mails, so I know the rule in itself is valid.

Using eM Client V8.2.1509 Windows I’ve personally found “no difference” to running (the same rule) automatically when emails arrives in the inbox or manually afterwards on read mail in the inbox using the method @Gary advised.

After you click “Apply Rule” on your specific acct Inbox, click the dropdown on the right of All rules" and then click on (your same) automatic inbox rule as in the example screenshot below. Then click “Run” and it will then say processing and your Inbox emails will then move to your specific folder in the rule.

Make sure you are not manually applying rules to “All Inboxes” as Inbox rules “don’t work on All Inboxes”. Now If the same automatic rule still doesn’t work manually on your specific acct inbox folder, then i suspect there is something not right with the rule and i would remove the rule and re-create it again.



To make a quick eg: “Move to Folder rule” for incoming inbox emails automatically or manually later, the easiest way is to “Right click” on the “From / Senders email address” in the specific account Inbox and then click “Create Rule From” on the menu. Then click on the “Move to folder” text at the bottom of the rule wizard to select your folder. Then just click “Next” till you get to the end and click “Finish”.