Rules manually applied to existing mail, inbox folder

I have hundreds of local folders already created and flow all my personal mail from [email protected] into the top-level inbox folder. Is there a way to make rules to apply manually to existing mail (71092 items) in inbox folder that moves by email to specific folders? I selected a single email name that had both unread and read messages and manually ran a single rule that applied to [email protected]. Rule completed with nothing moved–until I highlighted about 15 items and right-clicked on move-to. The right-click method has worked fine, but is far too time-consuming to do on top o full-time work.

Simply stated: Once I have a formal eM client rules defined for incoming email, how can eM Client apply those rules manually against the 71092 existing emails in my inbox folder?

Thanks for enlightening me on using rules creatively.

–John A Kossey

lunes 18 octubre 2021 :: 2015hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @kosseyja

Rules work automatically against incoming mail.

To run a rule manually, in your example to your top level inbox:
Right Click the inbox folder ->Apply Rule ->Make the selection you want - then if you have configured your rules correctly the appropriate actions will take place.
In view of the number of emails you have, I hope that you have a system with sufficient processing capability. (processor & RAM)

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What was your rule? If the rule ends with move to and then a folder, then the emails would have been moved already and you would not have been able to highlight and right click.