Rules list is outdated. Needs more rules

I’ve started using eM Client as a replacement for Thunderbird (lack of support for Exchange) and found a huge flaw in it’s rules.  They are severely outdated and a little too simple for 2019.

For example.
I cannot create a rule based on words in the from field. Something that is available in every other mail client I have tested so far, except eM Client.
In a time where SPAM is a huge problem, and companies using multiple email addresses and domains to sent their crap out, not being able to create a rule based on a word in the From field is severely outdated.
I have tried doing this with the ‘from people’ and only typing specific words in there, but nothing happens.  It only seems to work if you type a specific address there.
From what I can see, there is no way to make this happen with this software.
Really disappointing.  

Hello Con,

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we’re aware of rules improvement potential and we plan improving them within the next version 8. I’ll add your vote under this feature request and change this topic type to Idea so other users can add their votes under it.


Any idea when that would be coming out ?

The version 8 release is planned in early 2020.


Now, it’s mid of september and it seems that nothing has changed there.

Any news about this issue?


Hi Kugli,

The verison 8 is already released (read more at What kind of rules would you like to have in eM Client?


Thank you for sharing the link. There is nothing about rules improvement.

Only full email addresses seem to be needed for FROM, no wildcards etc.

Another point is that already read emails (on an other device) are not filtered when downloaded.


I second that.

And I will love to select a tag as a source instead of just a from address.