Rules - incoming sender settings

Hi. When setting up a new rule I want to apply it to ‘move message from someone to a folder’ but don’t know the entire senders email address, just the domain name. In this case I want to move emails from and to a folder called amazon, but the complete email address varies and not all are known to me - for example there might be ‘[email protected]’ and ‘[email protected]’ and others I don’t yet know. Is there a trick I can use to get emclient to move all messages from to a particular folder?


if you input this for example as email address, it will recognize it and will execute rule as with full address.

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Great, thanks. If I want to apply the rule to two addtresses, do I just separate them with a comma, i.e.:, Or do I need a separate rule?

you can add multiple addresses in address add dialogue.

Just put domain - add, domain - add, address - add.

Of course, excellent,thanks.

you are much welcome :slight_smile:

So if I’m reading that correctly, we actually do have OR functionality, i.e. domain OR domain OR domain…

Hi, this is not OR functionality per say, it’s more of an AND functionality.
But yes you can multiple email addresses or just domains using the @ sign.

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Hi Paul, now I’m confused. Neil’s question above was about adding two addresses to a rule:

John’s response was to “add multiple addresses in address add dialogue”. That must mean that it could be “” OR “”, since it obviously could not be both at the same time.

Yes you can do that by adding multiple addresses to the rule. Just click on the from ‘people’ and ‘Add’.

Sorry for the confusion.