Rules for sent folder not working

I am using rules extensively, but they are only working for mails I received, not the ones I SENT. Here the respective mails simply stay in the SENT folder, also manually applying the rule post hoc has no effect.

I got an GMX IMAP account.

Any solution?

I just setup up a SENT rule and it processed as it should.
SENT message (received) and MOVED the sent message to the assigned folder… message no longer in sent folder

Using eM Client version 8.2.1237.0

NOTE: Your screenshot is not displayed in English so unable to read

You are asking the Rule to be applied after you send, and it must find messages that have been sent from x, y and z.

It should be looking for messages sent to x, y and z.

interestingly, when the language is set to German, the field “sent to” for rules is missing, when the language is set to English, it is displayed

some kind of bug?

Is this it?

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correct, after reinstalling emclient it works

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