Rules for a Forum emails

I am struggling to get a rule to work for topic emails from a forum. I am trying to move them to their own folder. When I run this it does not move anything, what am I doing wrong?
Although the summary shows ‘from’ I actually chose ‘Includes’.
EmClient 8.2.1659
Vol Forum

Are you sure that “noreply=” is part of the FROM field?
What happens if you omit those characters?

Yes it is exactly as the image. I tried adding it without the noreply as a ‘contains’, still no joy

Are you using WINDOWS or MAC?

That is probably not the address the message was sent from.

Find the message in eM Client.
Right-click somewhere in the message body.
Choose View Mail Header.

What is the From: address?

Thanks both
Windows 10.
The Mail Header window contained a lot !
Under Sender I found: “[email protected]
Pasted that into the Rule and ran it, nothing happened, :roll_eyes:

Dug a bit deeper and found a From line
[email protected]
This one worked !!! :grinning:

Thanks for your help

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