Rules / Filters / Search Query Needs Logic function

I have been using eM CLient Pro Lifetime License for a few years now and recognize that the program is still a work in progress.  I had hoped that in the 3 years that I have been using the program the developers would have implemented a more powerful way of creating rules.  I know that I have multiple clients that have asked me for suggestions about what e-mail program to use and for many of them I have to recommend other programs because of the lack of this feature.

What many of customers are using is Outlook with the Boolean features described in THIS article (Part way down you see the “Search query example”) where they utilize a query string such as:  (subject:invoice OR body:invoice) AND hasattachments:yes NOT from:Amazon - I know one client today was looking for a way to create a search query that would simply allow him to filter out e-mails that were in a specific GMAIL folder (“Important”) or that were in an eM Client created category.  He wanted to use an OR function that would filter out messages in the GMAIL “Important” folders as well as messages from an IMAP folder that he had assigned a specific category to.  So in other words - the search query would show BOTH - items in the GMAIL “Important” folder as well as items from his other e-mail account that he labeled as “IMPORTANT” using an eM Client created category.

Am I correct that this feature is still NOT available with eM Client?  If it is not available - is there any timetable as this is a question I get asked at least 10 times a month from my clients?

You are correct; it is not available with eM Client. 

Some servers do allow more complex rules, and you could try setting them up through your provider to move or mark messages. This will be affected in eM Clint when it syncs with the server. For filtering or searching this is not possible unless you want to display the result in the web interface.

This is something many are waiting for in eM Client.

I am new to emclient and it appears that this logical function to be used in the selection of mails for custom folders is still missing.
My desire is to make custom folder that will accommodate any 1 of several email addresses, so use of the ‘OR’ function would be the secret.

Please can anyone advise?

This will create a Search Folder displaying messages from any of the three addresses. That is an OR argument.

This will create a Search Folder displaying messages from all of the three recipients. That is an AND argument. Of course it could never happen because an email can only come from one adress, but you get the idea.

Maybe I did not explain that very well.

The OR argument means the message must come from either 1 OR 2 OR 3. So if 1 sends you a message it will be there.

The AND argument means a single message must come from all three. So 1 AND 2 AND 3. If 1 sends you a message on his own, it will not be there.

Thats what I hoped, I am using the free version 8.0.3385 (83a873c) and when I edit insert the commas it throws an error ‘Unknown condition key’ and without them as you say its an AND condition.
Do I have a bad version or need to use the paid license?

No, I think maybe you are entering them incorrectly.

OR has commas but only one from. So,,
AND has no commas, but three froms. So

Excellent, I was too stupid to notice the vital difference between the examples, I had just inserted commas in the second line. I confirm with great happiness that I now have it working as hoped.

Thankyou very much for the guidance!

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